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Common CORE Program

Illinois has recently adopted the Common Core Standards in an effort to help students prepare for success in college and the workforce. These elevated standards will help guide what is taught in the classroom and prepare students for life outside of the classroom.

Each grade builds upon content learned in the previous grade following the Common Core Standards. ELA standards emphasize stories, literature, as well as nonfiction reading and vocabulary development. These programs are designed to teach strong writing and communication skills and stress critical thinking skills. Math standards focus on deeper understanding of fewer math concepts & the ability to solve real problems.

Common Core reading review:

  • builds oral fluency and vocabulary development
  • increases comprehension of fiction and nonfiction texts
  • introduces reading strategies for increasing speed and accuracy

Common Core math review:

  • focuses on real life mathematical applications
  • introduces Step by step problem solving methods
  • Enhances critical thinking skills
  • provides an in depth review of mathematical concepts