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Illinois Common CORE – Naperville Standards

Lets talk about Common Core.

The common core movement is a reaction to an awareness that standards of achievement and competency varied greatly from state to state.

In 2007 a group called Student Achievement Partners -David Coleman, the current President of College Board- as in SAT- was one of the founders.

This group partnered with leading educators, school districts, legislators and businesses to lobby for standards in education and achievement.

In 2009 the Dept of Education created Race to the Top offering 3.4 billion dollars in grant money. States that agreed to adopt Common Core Standards won points.

Up until now each state had its own standards and tests.

Think of expectations in business or industry: I expect my hamburger to meet certain standards weather I get it in Seattle, Chicago or Washington DC.

By 2010 most states had adopted the Common Core standards and were beginning to implement them.
This monumental movement of educational reform in our country happened so quickly!
Common core curriculum evolves from common core standards and evaluations.

An example of a common core math skill for first grades is that they will count to 100 by ones and tens.
The new 2016 SAT will reflect common core standards.

This is a time of change in our system. The way children learn, however, remains the same. There is a developmental process that is influenced by time and maturation.

Children learn through, exposure to sensory information, good teaching, positive reinforcement, practice, problem solving, practice and patience AND MORE PRACTICE.

Common CORE Standards and Curriculum do not change the development process, they are tools to aid and to evaluate.

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