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Everyone Reading Illinois 2016 Annual Conference: “Dynamics of Dyslexia”


The 2016 fall conference was held locally, at Northern Illinois University’s Naperville Conference Center. Nationally recognized keynote speakers gave presentations on Reading Comprehension Difficulty: Causes and Solutions, and Effective Vocabulary Instruction. There were many seminars available, which covered topics such as the neural basis of dyslexia, phonics and other approaches to reading and fluency, building writing skills, improving math performance, improving test performance, legislative issues that impact students with dyslexia, developing IEP’s, and common co-occurring diagnoses.

Conference attendees included parents, teachers, tutors, administrators and college students. Everyone Reading Illinois also holds an annual parent conference in the spring, which provides excellent resources and knowledge for parents of dyslexic students.

As a tutor, I found the conference to be very helpful. I learned several strategies that I can implement with students to support their reading comprehension, phonemic awareness, vocabulary instruction and writing skills.

Karen Zielinski
Elementary Tutor

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