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Multi-Sensory Instruction

Multi-Sensory InstructionWSEA offers a multi-sensory teaching approach with students who are struggling to learn to read. Research has shown that multi-sensory teaching methods are often the most effective for struggling learners such as students with dyslexia or those with difficulties in visual processing, visual tracking, auditory memory, auditory processing, or working memory.

The WSEA staff has instructors trained in the Wilson Language Training program based on the Orton Gillingham approach to help students learn through all the senses – the visual, auditory and kinesthetic modes. Students may “tap” out sounds or syllables to make the connection between what they “see” and what they “hear.” Adding the kinesthetic mode such as tracing a word in the air, visualizing the letters while spelling aloud gives a child’s brain kinesthetic memories to hang on to as well as the visual and auditory clues important for learning. Tapping out sounds helps students sequence letters correctly for spelling.

In the Wilson program students learn the six types of syllables in the English language along with rules for dividing syllables to decode words as well as pronunciation rules for each type of syllable. They learn to apply and practice the rules to improve reading, writing, and spelling. Once the guessing habit is broken, students become proficient in attacking big words. Confidence begins to soar and self esteem blossoms! Our multi-sensory workshop with games and activities, Phonics is Phun, is designed for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders to help improve decoding and word attack skills. Based on the Wilson program, it is offered in a one-week format in the summer, or on a series of Saturdays in the winter. Click here for more information. Other multi-sensory programs available for reading instruction are Go Phonics, Phonics for Reading, as well as workbook programs from several publishers used to customize and supplement each child’s program. We individualize for every student according to his learning style and his needs.

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